Crossovers : A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 2)

Crossovers : A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 2)


From the mid-Twentieth Century, when The Spider clashed with Mr. Hyde; The Domino Lady worked with The Black Bat, The Avenger, and Airboy; Batman variously teamed up with The Shadow, Captain America, The Spirit, and Sherlock Holmes; Philip Marlowe had a brush with the Deep Ones and later worked with Sam Spade; the Nyctalope teamed up with Professor Quatermass; Bulldog Drummond combined forces with Richard Hannay for one last adventure; Nero Wolfe, Ellery Queen, Lord Peter, Perry Mason, and Mike Hammer solved a murder; and Vampirella teamed up with or fought just about everyone... ...To the Twenty-first Century, when Frankenstein's Creature battled Dracula and Mr. Hyde, and traveled to the Lost World; Witchblade and the Darkness joined forces with Vampirella; the worlds of Boston P.I. Spenser, Sheriff Jesse Stone, and detective Sunny Randall came together; and a modern-day Van Helsing went up against the current incarnation of the Black Coats... ...To the far-flung future, when Spock claimed Holmes as an ancestor and Ishmael flew with the wind whales... Crossovers is a massive timeline of crossover stories in which characters, situations, or universes are linked together in order to build the Crossover Universe. Lovingly compiled by crossover and Wold Newton expert Win Scott Eckert, Crossovers lists upwards of 2000 crossover stories, with innumerable additional timeline entries which outline the secret history of the land of fiction. With an introduction by Jess Nevins, this volume is illustrated with over 300 book and magazine covers, and contains an appendix covering Kim Newman's Anno Dracula series.

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