Embedded Formative Assessment : (Strategies for Classroom Assessment That Drives Student Engagement and Learning)

Embedded Formative Assessment : (Strategies for Classroom Assessment That Drives Student Engagement and Learning)


By integrating classroom formative assessment practices into daily activities, educators can substantially increase student engagement and the rate of student learning. The second edition of this best-selling book by Dylan Wiliam presents new research, insights, and formative assessment strategies teachers can immediately apply in their classrooms. Updated examples and templates are included to help teachers elicit evidence of learning, provide meaningful feedback, and empower students to take ownership of their education.

Implement effective assessment strategies in the classroom by:

Reviewing the five key strategies of formative assessment in the classroom.
Learning more than 50 practical techniques for classroom formative assessment.
Examining research that states classroom formative assessment is the most impactful and cost-effective approach to raising student academic achievement.
Exploring the use of classroom questioning, learning intentions and success criteria, feedback, collaborative and cooperative learning, and self-regulated learning to engineer effective learning environments.
Discovering new insights into the current states of education and employment, and a discussion of how these changes affect student performance and teacher practice.

Changes for the Second Edition:

Over 30 percent new content including new research, techniques, examples, and templates
New insights into the current state of education and how these changes affect student performance and teacher practice
A deeper discussion of educational neuroscience, including memory studies and dual-pathway theory

Chapter 1: Discovering Why Educational Achievement Matters
Chapter 2: Making the Case for Formative Assessment
Chapter 3: Clarifying, Sharing, and Understanding Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Chapter 4: Eliciting Evidence of Learners' Achievement
Chapter 5: Providing Feedback That Moves Learning Forward
Chapter 6: Activating Students as Instructional Resources for One Another
Chapter 7: Activating Students as Owners of Their Own Learn

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