Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Official Companion Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Official Companion Guide


Sit back and relax. Your one-stop guide to a perfect island vacation is right here! --- Animal Crossing (TM): New Horizons takes you to a deserted island and lets you craft it into your own personal paradise inhabited by a unique, character-filled community. This premium book is both the perfect guide for getting the most out of island life, and the ultimate reference for anyone who insists on having it all. --- Get Acclimatised --- We'll get you settled in on your new island home as quickly as possible. Our useful primers will get you oriented and informed on everything a new resident needs to know. --- Create Your Paradise --- The sea's the limit when it comes to customising your island-you just need the right tools and a little guidance (...and maybe a bit of insider information for playing the stalk market). You'll find all of this here, and more: every tool and app is explained and our tips for design and money making are not to be missed! --- Discover and Explore --- Museum lovers will be in for a treat-as long as you're willing to be the one providing the exhibits! It's a hands-on approach to preservation, and every budding naturalist or palaeontologist needs a solid reference book to consult. You won't find a single specimen that's not covered here. --- Shop Till You Drop --- Your island wouldn't be much of a paradise without decent shopping facilities. Luckily, Timmy and Tommy's retail experience brings a wealth of desirable goods for purchase. Every last option for the fashionista or interior decorator is lavishly catalogued. --- Stunning Photography --- Want to see some of the hottest island destinations that have already found their feet, built a community and began attracting high-volume tourism? We've discovered some true gems and arranged photo shoots that are sure to provide plenty of inspiration for building the island of your dreams. --- Special Bonuses --- Fans of Animal Crossing will be delighted with the high-quality bookmarks we've included-one side features beautiful character artwork, and the other is filled with useful info. We've also created an online calendar for keeping track of events on the island and making sure you never miss a resident's birthday!

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